Posted on : Sat, Aug 03 2019

How Indian students became victims in Australia due to identity thefts?

Identity thefts have been prevailing since long and Australia too is one of the targets with costing of more than $2 billion in 2017. The dark web

Posted on : Mon, Jun 17 2019

What is Australia Visa 190?

Australia visa 190 is the permanent residency visa, which allows you to live, work and permanently settle in Australia. To apply for Australia visa

Posted on : Fri, Sep 14 2018

Three Men Deported at Kolkata, After Illegally Trying Migrating to Canada

The Immigration fraud is high these days, recently three Punjab nationals were deported to India as they were trying to board a Vancouver bound fli

Posted on : Thu, Jul 05 2018

IRCC accused of fraud, forgery and human right violations

The immigration council that oversees thousands of immigration consultants in Canada is facing serious and legal allegations from its own members.

Posted on : Thu, Jun 28 2018

The Famous BC Immigration Fraud Case: Clients of the Fraudster are ‘far from being victims’, Says Canadian Government

The biggest immigration scam in Canada is of B.C consultant ‘New Can Consultants Ltd. And Wellong International Investment Ltd.’ situat

Posted on : Fri, Apr 27 2018

Fake University List: UGC Declared State-Wise Forged Universities in India

The University Grant Commissions of India (UGC) has recently declared 24 unrecognised, sham universities running. These self-proclaimed institution

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